Research publications

New publication:

Fouché, C., Beddoe, L., Bartley, A., & Parkes, E. (2015). Are we ready for them? Overseas-qualified social workers’ professional cultural transition. European Journal of Social Work, 1-14. doi:10.1080/13691457.2015.1022858 . Read here

Earlier publications:
Bartley, A., Beddoe, L., Duke, J., Fouché, C., Harington, P. R. J., & Shah, R. (2011). Crossing borders: Key features of migrant social workers in New Zealand. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, 23(3), 16-30. Read here.

Bartley, A., Beddoe, L., Fouché, C. B., & Harington, P. (2012). Transnational social workers: Making the profession a transnational professional space. International Journal of Population Research, 2012 . Read here.

Beddoe, L., Fouché, C., Bartley, A., & Harington, P. (2011). Migrant social workers’ experience in New Zealand: Education and supervision issues. Social Work Education, 31(8), 1012-1031. Read here.

Beddoe, L., & Fouché, C. B. (2014). ‘Kiwis on the Move’: New Zealand Social Workers’ Experience of Practising Abroad. British Journal of Social Work, 44(suppl 1), i193-i208. 10.1093/bjsw/bcu049 Abstract here

Fouché, C., Beddoe, L., Bartley, A., & Brenton, N. (2013). Strengths and struggles: Overseas qualified social workers’ experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand. Australian Social Work, 1-16.  Read here

Fouché, C., Beddoe, L., Bartley, A., & de Haan, I. (2013). Enduring professional dislocation: Migrant social workers’ perceptions of their professional roles. British Journal of Social Work. DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bct054.  Abstract here.

Fouché, C. B., & Beddoe, L. (2012). Crossing borders: Migrant social workers as global professionals. In N. Hall (Ed.), Social Work Around the World V: The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. (pp. 53-64). Geneva: IFSW. Read here.


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