Christa Fouché

Christa Fouché (PhD) is a Professor in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work at the University of Auckland. Her teaching and research interests centres on workforce development in the health and social services, including the migrant professional workforce, work-life balance, and career wellness. Christa is passionate about practitioner research and has published widely on practice research methods in a range of fields related to chronic illness, HIV/AIDS, and aged care and on issues of concern to the health and social services workforce.

She is co-author of the popular practitioner research publication, now in its 4th edition:

De Vos, AS; Delport, CSL; Fouché, CB & Strydom, H. Research at grass roots: for the social sciences and human service professions. Pretoria: JL van Schaik publishers. (1st edition, 1998; 2nd edition 2002; 3rd edition 2005; 4th edition, 2011).


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